Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Ole Miss Football

We have taken Ainsley to two football games so far this year. The bulk of the pictures were from the Alabama game. It was muddy and cool in the Grove and we swore we wouldn't take Ainsley back to the Grove without a leash because she was everywhere!! She was definitely not content to stay in our tent and kept heading for the busy sidewalk or the muddy walkway. There were so many people in the Grove at the Alabama game - the game itself had the highest attendance of any campus college football game ever played in Mississippi - but Ainsley was not intimidated and is so small that she could squeeze through tiny spaces, making it hard to catch her! She had a good time and had some down time playing in the wagon with Miller Calhoun and Anne Craig. She also had a ball at the Arkansas game. Moss chased her around almost the entire Grove! She just wanted to go, go, go! I forgot my camera that weekend so we only got one picture of her from Moss' phone. She was running down the sidewalk and stopped when she saw two guys playing the guitar. She was completely hypnotized and then she started dancing! Everyone thought she was the cutest little thing and a guy with a large professional camera took several pictures of her that may be in a book they are doing on Ole Miss football. She also loved the open guitar case full of tips in front of the guitar guys. She first tried to climb in the guitar case, but after I put a stop to that, she decided she'd rather take the money out and open and close the lid. Needless to say we gave them a very nice tip! I can't imagine what it will be like next year with an active 2-year-old and a 9-11 month old! Below are pics from the games.

Watching the guys playing guitar at the Arkansas game.
Pics from the Alabama game
Ainsley in her wagon on her way to the Grove
Ainsley and Miller playing in the wagon
Ainsley and Anne Craig hanging out in the wagon
Me and Blewett
Me, Dea Hammett, Blewett, Elizabeth Sherman, Shannon Donald

Ainsley and her Aunt Blewett

Ainsley and Miller exhausted after a fun time in the Grove

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