Friday, February 20, 2009

Ainsley started crawling!

It's happened! Ainsley crawled for the first time tonight! We were playing on the floor and she kept going from her hands and knees to her hands and tip toes with her little booty in the air. I moved one of her toys far away from her and she all of a sudden dropped back down to her knees and took four steady moves towards the toy! We screamed and cheered and then we got out the video camera. We got her crawling but she never took as many "steps" as she did that first time. It is so funny that she crawled today because when I picked her up from daycare today they made comments about how she really gets around when she's on the floor. I asked if she had crawled yet and they said no, that she gets on her hands and knees and rocks and then she rolls, which is what she's always done at home. I had been sadly preparing myself to miss the first time she crawled because of work, so I am SO HAPPY that she waited until she was at home with us to crawl for the first time!

Here is the video. This is all happenening way too fast! One thing is for sure, our lives are about to get a lot busier chasing her around the house! Time to baby proof!

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