Saturday, March 14, 2009


I am so behind! We have had lots going on so watch for several posts....
Well, this post is going to be similar to the one on Lisa's blog but the pics are too cute not to post. February is the birthday month for the Meltons. Elizabeth, Moss and Floyd IV all have birthdays in February, so needless to say we have lots of get-togethers! The first group of pics is from the birthday dinner at the Meltons on Moss' birthday. I was decorating for Cotton Ball and couldn't be there but fortunately they got some good pics.

Anne Craig, Floyd IV, Moss, Ainsley and Moms

Anne Craig, Floyd IV and Ainsley with Mac and Grace
Moss getting his waders and Ainsley enjoying the wrapping paper.
Moms getting her new Viking pot

This pic is from our little birthday party for Moss at our house. Ainsley was so excited about the gift she got her daddy - the One Heartbeat DVD of the Ole Miss 2008 football season! She was her daddy's good luck charm and cheered the Rebels to victory with him in front of the TV for several big games, including the huge Florida upset. So now she and daddy can relive those moments over and over and over...(and believe me, they will)....

Lastly, Floyd and Lisa threw the party of the year for Little Floyd. It was a football theme and of course it rained, which made it fun for the kids who enjoyed getting all muddy. Ainsley had a ball with her cousins, as you can see!
Ainsley excited to go to her cousin's birthday party
Grandaddy and Ainsley watching the fun from inside during the rain.
Ainsley, Mommy and Daddy
Ainsley and Uncle Floyd
Ainsley and the birthday boy!
Ainsley and Anne Craig

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