Saturday, March 28, 2009

Laughing and babbling

This is a video of Ainsley babbling recently. Right now she is able to make one consonant sound, as you can hear in the video. She is getting tubes and her adenoids out on Wednesday of this week so it will be interesting to see if she starts to make even more sounds after that. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. I know it is a very common, standard procedure and that she'll be fine. I just hate the thought of her going under anesthesia. But I've been told she will be an even happier child afterwards (hard to believe because she's already so happy!) Hopefully it will keep her from getting as many ear infections. Our biggest battles are over antibiotics. It seems like we only go a week or two after finishing one antibiotic before we find out she has another ear infection and then we start all over again. Anyway, enjoy the video!

Just a quick sidenote - I showed Ainsley this video of herself after I posted it and she got a big smile on her face and laughed and laughed at herself...too funny!

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  1. Hey Shannon. I know the "tube" thing is stressful as a parent....but you are'll be fabulous when its over!!! You will wish they did it sooner!! May May had hers done at 3 months old (Patten at age 1) and then she had sinus surgery and her adenoids out about a year later. A 180 degree different child. Ainsley seems so sweet anyway...hard to believe it'll change her much. But it will!! Hang in there!!! :) We'll be thinking about y'all!!