Monday, May 24, 2010

Christmas 2009 - so far behind!!

I am trying to get caught up on posting the major events since Salter's birth, so here are pics from Christmas! That was so long ago but oh well! These next several posts will mainly be just pictures.

Christmas with my parents before they left to go back to Ohio

Grandma and Papa with Ainsley in the chair they got her, and Ainsley with the giraffe they got Salter

Papa and Salter

Grandma and Salter

The Grandmothers with Salter

Attempt at a pic with both kids

Salter 3 days old
Salter (1 week old) and Aunt Blewett
Christmas Eve at Lisa and Floyd's

Moss and Ainsley with Jon and Margaret Barnwell

Christmas Morning

Moms and Granddaddy with Ainsley and the dollhouse bookcase they got her

Granddaddy teaching Ainsley how to ride her 4wheeler

Salter 10 days old

Our Princess on her 4-wheeler

It didn't take her long to get the hang of it - feet up on the handlebars!

Christmas lunch at Floyd and Elizabeth's

Ainsley pushing the stroller from Floyd, Lisa, Floyd IV and Anne Craig

Ainsley and Anne Craig laughing on the stairs

Floyd IV, Lisa and Salter

The Melton Family

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