Monday, May 24, 2010

January 2010

January was pretty low-key. We went to Jeff and Elizabeth Hardin's for New Year's Eve where Ainsley hung out with Wynn Hardin and Miller Calhoun. My mom came back to help me while on maternity leave, which was GREAT! Ainsley went to Izzy Hodges' 2nd birthday party which was a Fancy Nancy Dress Up Party and was so so cute! We started getting out some of Ainsley's old toys for Salter, like the bouncer seat, the baby swing and his play gym. Of course, Ainsley wanted to play with it all herself! Tummy time has been quite a challenge because if Salter is lying down, Ainsley wants to be right there next to him, practically on top of him! But she loves her little brother and actually does share her toys with him, even if she wants them back a minute later. Anyway, here are some pics from January - enjoy!

New Year's Eve

Wynn (left), Ainsley and Miller (right)

Miller came over to play and LOVED Ainsley's pink stroller!

Moss found the biggest Tickle Me Elmo I have ever seen over at Floyd and Lisa's. He vibrates when he laughs and Ainsley likes to hold onto him when he does that.

Grandma's visit

Ainsley sharing her books with Salter

Playing Outside

Ainsley and Salter

Playing with Salter

Salter 3 Weeks Old

Izzy Hodges' Fancy Nancy 2nd Birthday Party

Group Picture
Ainsley's first taste of Cotton Candy

Ainsley and Kylee Nix

The St. John's Girls (all in the same class at daycare) - Kylee, Ainsley and Izzy the Birthday Girl!

All Dressed Up!


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