Monday, May 24, 2010


I can't believe it is taking me so long to update this blog! It is almost July! Here are some pics from February. Before I went back to work, we drove 16 hours with the kids to Naples, FL, to see my grandmother (my dad's mom) who lives there, and my parents who were there visiting. It was a great trip, except for the part where I got slammed with the stomach virus and ended up in bed for 24 solid hours. Not so much fun, especially when we were only there for 2.5 days! The weather was chilly so we did not spend time on the beach. I grew up going to Naples every year and have many memories of that beach, so I was sad that I didn't get to see it. Moss and my mom took Ainsley to the beach briefly to walk the pier but it was so windy and cold they did not stay long. The main reason we went was to see my grandmother and we had an absolutely wonderful time with her and my parents. She had not seen Ainsley since she was 10 months old - boy has Ainsley changed since then! She also had never met Salter. Grandma loved being able to see Ainsley in action and especially seemed to enjoy just holding sweet little Salter. We had a great trip and actually get to see Grandma again in a few weeks when we go to Ohio for my brother's wedding. I cannot wait! I have not been with all of my siblings at the same time since Christmas of 2008 - a year and a half ago! So we are all very excited to be going home and spending time together. But back to February, below are lots of pictures from all of our adventures...

Our trip to Florida

Ainsley and Salter with Grandma and Papa

Our attempt at a generation picture

Playing at a great park! Lots of fun activities for the kids!

The botanical gardens in Naples had a children's garden that was so neat. Ainsley loved watering plants, playing in the sand, running around all the water fountains and much more.

Grandma and Moss tried taking her to the beach while I was sick but it was too windy.

Grandma and Salter

Great Grandma and Salter
Papa and Salter
Papa would get Ainsley a cupcake for breakfast every morning. Here she is enjoying her treat!

Random pics from February

Trying to figure out how to dress and undress herself

One of Salter's first smiles captured on camera

Ainsley and Luke Archer hanging out during a cookout at our house.

Sweet little man

Ainsley has taken over all of her old toys now that we have gotten them out for Salter. Everything old is new again!

Our little diva

Happy Valentine's Day!

Ainsley having fun on her slide

Ainsley filing her nails and watching Disney Princess Sing-Along. Such a girlie girl!

Ainsley and her dadda

How we spent many evenings those first few months - if Salter got to sit with Mamma, Ainsley did, too!

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