Saturday, November 28, 2009

Birthday and a new friend

My birthday was November 22nd and we had a great weekend! Our good friends Chris and Colleen Haley and their sweet baby girl Liza came to visit from Jacksonville, FL! Moss and Chris went to the Ole Miss/LSU game on Saturday which was, and I quote, "The best game I have ever seen in Oxford" according to Chris. Colleen and I had a girls day with our little girls while the guys went to the game - we stayed in Greenwood and had a great time catching up and watching the girls play. Ainsley was very sweet with Liza and would talk to her and give her toys. Let's hope she's the same way with her little brother! While Liza napped Ainsley and I played outside with Scout. Floyd and Elizabeth came over for Sunday lunch on my actual birthday and Ainsley helped me blow out my candles. It was a great weekend! We hope to see the Haley's again soon! Below are some pics from our weekend.

Colleen, Liza, Ainsley and Moss

Chris, Colleen, Liza, me, Ainsley and Moss

Birthday cake!

Playing outside in our lucky Ole Miss outfit during the LSU game.

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