Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Happy Halloween!

We had a wonderful Halloween weekend. On Friday we got a few pictures of Ainsley before taking her to school in her Halloween costume for her Halloween party. Moss left after that to go to Jacksonville, FL, for the weekend for his goddaughter's baptism, so Ainsley and I ended up having a girl's weekend. We went trick or treating with Taylor, Allison and Miller Calhoun and she did great in her costume! She never once even tried to take off her piggy hat! We had a wonderful time with the Calhouns! We went to Indywood to visit Taylor's grandmother and Lisa Melton's grandfather. The kids were a huge hit with all of the residents. Then we went to the Meltons and their neighbors Mack and Grace Bain came by. And we ended the night at Taylor's dad's house. Ainsley and Miller were the cutest piggy and duck in town!
Moss, me and Ainsley before school on Friday.

Ainsley's 1 year old class at their Halloween party - from left: Wynn Hardin, Emma, Ainsley, Charlie Kimmel, Izzy Hodges (in the same costume as Ainsley), Benz Porter, Kylee Nix

Ainsley at Indywood Miller the duck and Ainsley the pig at Indywood Miller and Ainsley at the Melton's
Granddaddy, Moms, Great Granddaddy, Ainsley and me
Ainsley eating her Halloween treat at the Meltons - yum, Gerber yogurt bites! Thanks Moms and Granddaddy!
Ainsley and Miller both eating their yogurt bites - they can't get enough! Ainsley playing at the Melton's
Ainsley at Taylor's dad's
Ainsley again at Taylor's dad's

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