Saturday, November 28, 2009

Fun at home

Due to being so pregnant, Ainsley and I stayed home from most of the Ole Miss games in November - in fact, I think we may have missed them all! While we were home we had fun playing outside and inside and even had a fun playdate with Miller Calhoun. Enjoy the pictures!
Anne Craig came over to play for a little while. Ainsley just loves her and calls her "Keg." She cried when Anne Craig left that day.

Miller Calhoun came over to play with the hand-me-down slides that Floyd and Lisa gave us. They had so much fun! Here he is giving Ainsley hugs - so cute!
Ainsley outside in her cozy coupe.Ainsley and Miller playing with our "new" toys.

Ainsley used to love macaroni and cheese but I think she may be getting sick of it. she decided she'd rather put it on her head than eat it.
Ainsley started throwing fits when it was time to put her socks and shoes on, so I made up a little song that goes "Let's put on our sockies" which she loves to sing with me. But then she decided that putting on her socks is a game so she likes to carry them around instead of putting them on. Once they are on, she takes them off as soon as her shoes come off. Oh well, I tried! Here are a few pics of her playing with her sockies.
Don't ask me why she likes to tuck articles of clothing under her chin. As you can see, she is doing that with her socks here.
Sweet Ainsley

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